This American Life: What Has Kept You Together?

If the 21st century is the memoir century, then the job of this blog is to catalogue, comment, and critique.  In the next weeks, you can expect to see more posts about the uses of memoir in the media world, whether that world is “mainstream,” “social media,” book publishing, online publishing, radio, television, film or any other phenomenon.  Please bring even more examples into the fledgling memoir community gathering here.

We have already looked at the huge role memoir played in the last political campaign.  We have chronicled the six-word memoir, the 25 Things About Me phenomenon, Facebook, and reviewed many memoirs here.  Now it is time to begin thinking about radio, especially NPR.  Think about your favorite shows:  Story Corps, “This I Believe” and “This American Life.”

“This American Life” has been the top podcast on iTunes for years.  I love listening, often laughing, always engaged in someone else’s world and more reflective about my own.

Here’s just one show you can listen to now by clicking the hot link in this sentence.  If you don’t have time to listen to the whole show, let me pull out one sentence for you to contemplate here.

We always ask people “how did you meet?”  We never ask “what has kept you together?”  Consider this post the exception to that rule.

What has kept you and a loved one together–whether that togetherness has been one year or fifty years?

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Shirley Showalter

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