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Hello, friends. I’m the author of a memoir about growing up Mennonite called Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering WorldI was also a college president and professor (Goshen College), and a foundation executive (the Fetzer Institute). You can read more on my about page.
My writing and blogging themes have evolved from memoir to aging joyfully (jubilación). My personal vision statement:
My life is focused on becoming an elder, serving rising elders and future generations, learning from them all that I can about the nature of love. 
I post one blog each month. The subjects that fascinate me include grandparenting, wisdom, good writing, creativity, travel, and spirituality.  Looking for companionship on all these adventures. Welcome aboard!

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Most recent blog posts

Evrething Will Be OK. May 27, 2020. Owen William Showalter, Age 9

In Our Dark Night: Mother Julian’s Words and a Grandson’s Drawing

It’s hard to write tonight. The news is so distressing. George Floyd’s tragic death is the tip of the spear.  We should all be coming together to fight the Corona virus — and the other viruses of injustice, racism, and inequality. We need wise leaders. We need change. Will it happen? Despair comes more easily…

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Preparing Care Package #1

Care Packages for Grandchildren: Creativity While Quarantined

What’s a Grandma to do? When hugs are forbidden? Stores are closed? And she’s told “elders” like her must stay home? She asks her friends on Facebook, of course. “What can I do to stay connected when all I have are things around the house?” I asked. You wouldn’t believe how many GREAT ideas other…

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The whole hummingbird!

A Broken-Winged Bird: Life in the Time of the Coronavirus

All winter long I gazed sorrowfully at the wooden hummingbird that hung from the window ledge. The left wing was missing! Often, looking at the sad sight, I recalled the famous Langston Hughes poem, “Dreams:” Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams…

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