I am looking forward to a week of reading, writing, exercising, meditating, and blogging–another wonderful “staycation” like the one I described last summer.

On Wednesday of this week, writer, teacher, and therapist, Linda Joy Myers will be doing a guest blog about the memoir writer’s relationship to family and friends–“How to Write Your Memoir and Still Go Home for the Holidays.” The next day, I will post an interview with her in this space.

The giveaway works this way.  Read both blog posts, add your comments, and you will be entered in the chance to win your own copy of  The Power of Memoir. I will draw the winner from the names of all commenters.  Hope you will be among them.

If you want to become acquainted with Linda Joy now, I reviewed two of her previous books, and you can click on the following links: the memoir Don’t Call Me Motherand Becoming Whole.



Shirley Showalter

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