Henry Metzler farm near Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

I loved the screen Sabbath I took two weeks ago. I made an exception for Father’s Day, but now I am back for another try. If you are joining me, let me know, either as your New Beginning or below in the comments section. My new beginning today will be biking somewhere I haven’t been before.

I’m writing this post in advance of when you will read it. I’m excited that my absence gives me a chance to introduce you to a new online friend. Marian Beaman is also writing about growing up plain as a Mennonite girl living on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and then becoming a college professor of  English. We have lived parallel lives with enough differences to make them both spicy.

I’m “reblogging” Marian’s description of a Mennonite family reunion held recently in Lancaster County. The picture above comes from the story you are about to read.

The journey of the immigrant Valentine Metzler told by Marian below follows much the same pattern that my Hershey, Hess, Snyder, Brubaker, Herr, and Garber lines followed. Love of land. Weariness of migration and persecution, and William Penn as the savior, calling Mennonites from Europe to America.

Here’s Marian’s Post in its entirety. I highly recommend the short video of Metzler family singing embedded near the end. If you are interested in Mennonite memoir in general, I recommend following Marian’s blog regularly. She’s a great collector of artifacts (documentarian) and story teller. Her sense of humor is delightful.


To get you started, here’s the introduction to the post:


Another Valentine, a Different Romance

Posted on June 22, 2013


Valentine’s Day conjures up images of hearts, flowers, and boxes of chocolate for most, but not for Yost. Yost is the father of Valentine Metzler, an ancester on my mother’s side of the family, born on Valentine’s Day, 1792. This past weekend, nearly 500 Metzlers from far and  wide gathered near Ephrata, Pennsylvania to celebrate this special Valentine. He, like many of his descendants, was in love with God’s green earth, a grateful steward of fertile land where his roots grew deep.

Continue reading here.

81 Days until Blush Launches. Ketch-up with time on the Sabbath.



Shirley Showalter


  1. Sherrey Meyer on June 23, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Shirley, thanks for introducing me to Marion. I’ve visited her blog and now am subscribing. This was a lovely post.

    I just went back and read your posts on screen Sabbath, and I left you a comment there. I too am trying to keep Sabbath free of screen time. You’ll see in my comment on your previous post why I’m here today.

  2. shirleyhs on June 24, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Sherrey, I’m so glad that you have now discovered Marian also. I know the two of you will enjoy getting to know each other. I’m off to go read your next comment. Thanks so much for your faithful follows.

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