If you have not yet discovered the joy of the six-word memoir, here’s a past post that will fill you in–a lecture at Google by the authors of this book:

And if you missed this week’s long NPR segment on six-word memoirs on love and heartbreak, here’s the link that will take you there.

Below is a sampling straight from the NPR website of love-related six-word memoirs.

Red-eye. Him window. Me aisle. Love.
– Joanne Flynn Black

What do you want for dinner?
– Drew Magary

If only he wasn’t a Republican.
– Holly Fitzpatrick

Best family ever. Thank you, Match.com!
– Alexa Young

Marriage, children, empty nest: Now what?
– Oliver House

Excerpted from Six-Word Memoirs On Love And Heartbreak from Smith magazine, edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith. Copyright 2009. Reproduced with permission of the publisher, Harper Perennial.

Want to try your hand at a six-word love story memoir.  Leave one in the comment space!

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