I spent the last five days and four nights on retreat at Gilchist, the Three Rivers, MI, retreat center owned by the Fetzer Institute. I take time away there at least once and sometimes two or three times a year. I love the deep quiet places that surround me as a guest there. I will post photos and words about the retreat experiences on my other blog.

One thing I do at Gilchrist that I never have enough time for at home is read, read, read.

Since last Friday I completed The Spiral Staircase by Karen Armstrong, The Memoir Bookby Patti Miller, the latest issue of Poets and Writers Magazine, and Pablo Neruda’s Memoirs. I also read some new sections of Tom Brokaw”s Boom In addition, I started Peter Block’s, Community: The Structure of Belongingand other reading for my work at Fetzer.

I also wrote this and two other blog posts while on retreat. Since I had no access to the internet at Gilchrist, I saved drafts and will post them all today. I hope they take you also to a deep quiet place, however briefly.

Shirley Showalter

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