Every so often I “Google” key words related to this blog–like “best memoirs,” ” memoir blogs,” and “top ten memoirs.”

If you do the same–Google “best memoirs”–right now, you will come across this article in the Wall Street Journal by new memoirist Norris Church Mailer. I have not read her memoir about life with her husband Norman Mailer, but I am intrigued by the reviews, especially by this one in the New York Times.

Here’s my favorite quip from Alex Witchel’s review above: “That she managed to stay with Mailer — self-obsessed, self-aggrandizing, perennially womanizing to the point of even his own humiliation — for almost 33 years until his death in 2007 was a feat most women would not have attempted. When people asked, ‘Which wife are you?’ her answer was, ‘The last one.’”

Increasingly, memoirists are being asked about their own favorite memoirs. I try to take note when this happens and share the suggestions here.  Right now one of the most frequently checked posts at 100memoirs is Mary Karr’s Top Ten List.

If you know of other lists, please share them. And continue to offer your own!


Shirley Showalter

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