My son Anthony keeps showing me wonderful places to go online, especially places that help me learn more about social media and might brighten the face of this blog.  The latest is Shelfari, a place to rate books, talk about books, and meet new book lovers.  I have started a group there called–you guessed it–100 Memoirs.  Actually, It’s called 100 Memoir Challenge, to encourage others to join me in the goal of reading 100 memoirs.  If everyone in the group reads even a fraction of that number, we will together read 100 memoirs and benefit from the ratings and reviews of the other members.  To illustrate the group, I chose the cover of The Memoir Book.  It’s a book I have not yet read but will order today and tell you all about it soon.  I hope you will join Shelfari and the 100 Memoir group too.  So much fun!

Shirley Showalter

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