For those of you searching the web for “top memoir” reading lists, here is a new resource. Angela  Kelsey, a Twitter friend, is challenging  herself to review 24 memoirs in the next 28 days. She has reached Day 4 already, and the quality of both the books and reviews will reward your reading effort. Check out her list here.

At the end of the 28 days, Kelsey will be defending her thesis–her own memoir–in an MFA program. Let’s not only wish her luck, let’s learn from her experiences and grow our own list of important memoirs. Crowdsourcing coaching–I like that name for the same thing I have been doing in this blog. Teaching myself as I share what I learn.

The goal of reading and writing about 100 memoirs was the initial driver of this blog. If you want more lists than Kelsey’s, move to the right on this page and click on the category called “lists.”

Can you add other lists? Your own or ones you have found online?

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