Magical Memoir Moments

George Bush's Memoir Book Deal: Decisions

Well folks, the deal is struck.  Our former president will in fact write a memoir to be published by Crown.  Apparently he wrote 30,000 words already!  That’s more than 500 words/day.  Pretty good productivity, wouldn’t you say? Read all about it in this blog from the Huffington Post.


Memoir Joke–From Bill Maher

“Couple of problems [for Bush] . He hasn’t been offered as much money as he thinks he deserves for his memoirs, and when they asked him to write an autobiography, he said, ‘I don’t really know that much about cars.’” -Bill Maher


Resistible Memoirs

Poor George Bush.  First his dog Barney bit a reporter.  Then he choked up when he said goodbye to has staff.   Things are so bad, in fact, that publishers are telling him to wait to write his memoirs. You can read all about it in the International Herald Tribune here.